What it the process? How do I get started?

Not sure where to start - email me. We will set up a 15 minute consultation and discuss your options or set up a custom package to meet your needs. Ready to get started on a package - email me. I will send you a link for payment, a contract, and a link for completing your intake form and scheduling your first meeting. I encourage you to reach out to me before purchase because we will spend  great deal of time together and it is important that you are sure we are a good fit. 

I have never worked with an independent educational consultant before. How does it work? Independent educational consultants are somewhere between working with a tutor and a career coach or mentor. The focus is on developing your skills in narrative writing, CV development, and interviewing and helping you to uncover your strengths and weaknesses. 

If you were struggling in a course you would not hesitate to hire a tutor.  This is the same. Even as a full time advisor it is difficult to keep a finger on the pulse of changes in medical education.  As a student overwhelmed with coursework and extracurricular activities it can be a full time job just figuring out where, when and how to apply.  Applying to medical school is confusing, costly and competitive.Why not eliminate some of the work and the stress. A small investment now will have a large payoff for your future career. 

Do you offer RUSH packages?  I do not offer any RUSH packages. My standard turn around time on returning emails/texts or phone calls is within 24-48 hours. My turnaround on document edits are within 48-72 hours. I encourage setting a clear timeline that works with your schedule at the beginning of our work together and send frequent reminders.  RUSH work is not your best work. If I will be unavailable for any period of time you will have plenty of advance notice.

Do you offer MCAT prep or subject tutoring? No. I can assist with study schedules and timing of the MCAT but do not offer specific subject tutoring for the MCAT.

Can my parents be involved in the process?  Although I understand that often parents are my customers, the student is my client. This process is 100% confidential. It is up to the student how much they want to share with their parents or significant others. At a student's request I would be happy to send meeting summaries to parents, however, all meetings are with the student directly. At this stage of the game maturity is a huge factor in medical school admissions. I would expect the student to be the motivating force in this process. 

Can you guarantee admission to medical school?  No one can guarantee admissions to medical school and I would be VERY wary of anyone who offers you a guarantee. I will let you know at the outset how prepared I believe you are to apply to medical school and the steps you can take to improve your candidacy. I currently have an excellent success rate with students who work comprehensively with me on their entire admissions process. Those who do not receive an admission have a plan in place to improve their candidacy. 

I really struggle with writing, will you write my essays for me? I WILL NOT write essays for clients. This is unethical. I will work with you to develop your content and then edit your documents to represent your unique voice. If you feel like you might need a more comprehensive level of writing assistance please let me know and I will try to find you the appropriate resources. 

Why should I work with you?  Experience, expertise, reliability and professionalism.  You have more and more choices when it comes to medical schools admissions consulting. I bring 15 years of experience working as a physician, teacher, mentor and assistant program director in an academic medical center. I have participated in the ACEP teaching fellowship, the IECA summer training institute, and have won teaching awards. Many medical school admissions consulting services are being provided by either current or recently graduated medical students who served briefly on their institution's admission committees. This provides them with knowledge about how things get done at their medical school but they do not have a comprehensive overview of the entire landscape of medical education. You will also find consultants who are "jacks of all trades" providing services for college, MBA, law school and medical school.  My SINGULAR FOCUS is helping students apply to and attend medical school which truly allows me to be an expert in the field. I can keep my prices reasonable because I have limited overhead costs. I am not spending money improving my google rankings or hiring a social media consultant. 


I am an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association which has the highest standards for membership and I abide by the IECA Principles of Good Practice. I visit medical schools across the country and speak with their current students and faculty. I have placed students at schools all over the US and internationally and have an up to date feel for each of those schools, as well as, students I can put my clients in touch with. I stay current with the literature and changes of the medical education landscape. Please see my blog for my current commentary and observations. 


I am a good choice for the student/client who wants a strong mentorship relationship. I currently only take on a limited number of clients each season, but those few clients get my undivided attention. I will use all the resources and experience at my disposal to get you where you want or need to be to prepare yourself for the future. The skills we work on are not only for the medical school application process but will be with you for many of your future endeavors and experiences. I am in it for the long haul, mentoring students is my passion.  




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