My Services

All services are provided online via Skype or google chat, email or phone conversations. If you are interested in services you do not see listed below please email me to schedule a free consultation. I am always able to offer a custom package based on my hourly rate with a minimum of 3 hours of services - this could include residency or PA application services, time spent focused on just the personal statement or just your secondary essays.  Please call or email and we can work something out.  I highly recommend starting with the Strategic Planning Package if you are at a crossroads and unsure of what your next steps should be and we can figure it out together.
I only take on a limited number of comprehensive clients per application cycle which allows me to give each client my undivided attention. Please contact me early in your application cycle if you are interested in working with me from start to finish. In my experience, the best success rates are achieved with clients enrolled in a comprehensive package early in their application cycle (January to March of your application year).




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