About me

I am a practicing emergency physician and a former assistant residency director.  I have been in your shoes applying to medical school and I have also been on the other side reviewing applications. I have an intuitive understanding of what medical schools are looking for in their applicants. I can relate to your journey but I also have the age and experience to understand the culture of medicine, the many different routes to becoming a doctor, and the many other careers and opportunities available in healthcare. As a practicing physician, particularly in emergency medicine, where I interact with many other specialties, I can provide personalized insight into what it means to be a doctor in today's healthcare landscape.  You can see my full curriculum vitae on LinkedIn.

I am a company of ONE. My mission is to develop a relationship with each client and nurture their growth. 

I want to work with you to help you name your core values and characteristics that will make you a great and happy doctor - do you have grit? are you intuitive? compassionate? knowledge seeking? We will embark on a process of self-discovery and skill-building. I will coach you and challenge your growth and help you identify the meaning and purpose behind why you want to be a doctor. I will provide support to help you complete tasks and achieve your goals, and I will hear your voice and collaborate. We will have fun! Lastly, I will expand your horizons and help you identify activities that might be a good fit for you in medicine. You will learn to present YOUR story in your voice both in writing and in a face to face interview so you can express your most authentic and genuine self.


I spend my free time visiting medical school campuses and staying current in trends in medical education and the future practice of medicine 

I have an in-depth knowledge of trends in medical education including what different schools are looking for in their candidates and I can help you decide which school will be the "right fit". I attend the NAAHP and IECA conferences annually and stay current in the medical education literature. This personal insight helps me have a deeper understanding of when and if you are prepared to apply to medical school.


I have seen many "missed opportunities". I have seen many applications that were less than "polished". The competition for the limited number of seats in medical school is fierce. With 48,000 applicants and 24,000 seats, there are no guarantees. I believe there are many great future physicians who are missing their opportunity simply due to a lack of foundational career skills. I will work with you to evaluate if this is the career you want and how to prepare yourself. I am excellent at helping you organize and unify your ideas. 

I will take the time to give you individualized attention in a way that is convenient for you.  

My time is flexible and can accommodate a premed student's schedule.  I can be available early morning, afternoon, evenings and weekends. I am not restricted by regular business hours or geography. I conduct meetings via Zoom, Skype, or google chat and we exchange documents via email or google docs. You work directly with me and my personal expertise - you will always have access to me via text, email or phone. I work with students as early as freshman year in college choosing classes, summer activities, and extracurricular activities and can continue our relationship through applying for residency or your first job out of residency. If we do this right you should develop a set of life skills for your future endeavors. I will be encouraging but honest. You can look at this as an investment in a one on one course in your career development in medicine. 








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